Prospera International

What We Offer

At Prospera International, we have various offers for students who would like to study abroad.

Core Level

Educational counseling

We offer a full range of educational counseling for students considering studying abroad. We have years of experience so we know the best ways to help every single student that comes to us counseling advice. Whether students are thinking about studying abroad or have decided to go abroad and need advice on what to do next. We will be available whenever students need help and advice.

Applications and admissions to colleges and universities

The best way to gain university places abroad would be to apply to several universities and see what offers are made. we can advise students on the pros and cons of all the offers for college and university places that have been given to them. Once students have got their exam results we will advise them of the best course to accept a place on.

Visa assistance

We have experience of overcoming visa restrictions for students prior to them going abroad. Visa requirements tend to differ from one country to another. We are experienced in helping students gain the student visas needed.

Course selection

We provide advice on the best possible course selection for students to opt for in their future development and careers. Whilst some students have some really specific ideas about what they want to do in terms of their careers most do not plan that far ahead. For those students that are already pretty certain about what they wish to study at a foreign university can still benefit from consulting us concerning the most useful course options available to them. We have expert advice about the most appropriate courses for students to apply for.

Scholarship assistance

At Prospera International, we provide advice on scholarship assistance for students that have secured a place at a foreign university yet then need to finance their time abroad. We advise students on the best ways to obtain a scholarship either in India or in the country that they will be studying in. Alongside scholarships, we look into the possibilities of bursaries for students applying for certain courses such as medicine, nursing, and also teaching.

Pre -Departure and Post arrival services

Students should contact us for everything they need before they go abroad and after they have arrived there. Our services are available whenever students need assistance or advice.

University selection

Once students are finally certain about the course they would like to do a degree in, they need to select a university in a foreign country they would prefer to study. To discuss or evaluate their best choices students can seek advice from us. Normally we recommend that students apply to several different universities to give them the widest choice of universities to get a place on a course.

Study abroad loan assistance

We offer study abroad loan assistance for students that need money to get established when they go abroad to start their course. The size of the loan will depend on various factors like where students are studying, the size of course fees, and how long it takes for scholarship funds to come through. We can advise students on the range of loans available to them.

Accommodation Services

One vital service we offer is accommodation services. Students rely on us to sort out their living arrangements for them before they leave the country. This is a practical step we are always happy to do for students.