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Study Abroad in France

France has been a popular destination for international students for many decades now. There are a few factors that have contributed as to why students want to study in France. International students find France an appealing country to study in because of it’s culture, it’s cuisine, and it’s history. France is a country that attracts the liberal minded and sometimes politically left wing international students as well. France has also gained the reputation of been a generally tolerant and multicultural society as well, which makes it more attractive place for non-Europeans to study in.

Generally as France is a member of the EU it is easier for students of other EU member countries to gain access to places at French universities. However France does generally allow students from former French colonies in Africa and the rest of the world to have student visas provided that they meet all of the entry requirements that the universities have requested of them. French universities are popular destinations for international students that are from French-speaking countries, especially former French colonies, in which there can still be a tendency to regard France as the mother country. Other French-speaking students from abroad wish to study in France as a means of receiving a better education, and maybe if they can secure a career in France they will immigrate there on a full-time basis.

Wherever international students apply to study in France they can be sure that they will receive a sound further education. The French education system itself has many admirers and is regarded as one of the most effective in Europe if not the world. Due to the French Revolution the country was one of the first to have comprehensive schooling, and eventual more universities and technical schools. Some of the technical schools in France have entry that is as sought after as the best-known universities and qualifications that are considered just as good. Most cities in France have a university though many international students, perhaps understandably focus on studying at any of the universities in Paris.

However outside of Paris there are still impressive French universities. For instance, international students could study in Bordeaux, Lyons, Marseilles, and Strasbourg. Some of these universities are in some of the most historic places in France. French universities can also be close to famous landmarks, especially those in Paris. There are so many sights in Paris, so foreign students cannot be blamed for wanting a view of the Eiffel Tower every single day they are in France gaining a degree that could almost certainly improve their lives.

International students can also study in France for part of their degrees if they sign up to exchange programs. The most notable exchange scheme is the ERASMUS program, in which students from differing EU universities can go on an exchange to any university in another country that is also in the scheme. Technically students do not have to be EU nationals to join the program just be students at an EU university. Students on French language degree courses or studying to teach French may also get a placement as part of their degree course even though they are based at foreign universities.

Any foreign student wanting to study in France should research whether or not they would be entitled to any funding before they apply. They should also inquire about any suitable exchange program they could qualify for depending on where they live and their nationality.

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