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Study Abroad in Canada

Canada is home to some fine universities and there are good reasons why international students should opt to go to university there. Canadian universities offer some great courses and the country has traditionally had a strongly performing education system, which frequently obtains high standards. Canada has a strong university tradition, with both the British and French colonists in the country setting up institutions as the settled areas expanded. These earliest Canadian universities were set up and run along European lines in a similar way to their counterparts in the US. There are not as many universities in Canada as there in the US, mainly due to having a much smaller population. However Canada is a destination that international students should always seriously consider studying in.

Canadian universities are more than able to attract students from other countries due to having well-taught courses and consistently good degree grades. The performance of universities in Canada when compared to other countries is generally favorable so that can appeal to international studies, as can the facilities available on Canadian campuses. The Canadian universities make concerted efforts to ensure their campuses are as up to date as possible on account of having to compete sometimes with American universities for new students. In some respects neighboring the US is a good thing for the universities in Canada in that they can keep pace with all the changes in American universities. It means that they will have to offer international students many of the same things their US counterparts offer.

International students that apply to Canadian universities may have to learn two new languages depending on where they end up studying. While for most parts of Canada international students will need to have a good command of English, in the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba French is the main language. Canadian students should not have any problems using both languages as they taught both in school. International students could well benefit from been able to speak both, especially if they go to universities in Montreal and Quebec City. The universities in those two cities are among the oldest in the entire country. All the cities with universities are places where there is also something to do, and lots of different things to see and do.

All the major cities have at least one university each, and international students can gain a real feel for what life is like in Canada whilst they are studying in the country. The Canadian universities are always content to have international students gain places on their courses as a means of boosting student numbers and increasing their revenues as well. Yet they also attempt to tempt foreign nationals into studying on their course as they can have spare places and would rather their lecture rooms were full instead of having space to spare. Usually though the high quality of the universities in Canada mean that there are hardly any spare spaces on courses by the time the next academic year gets underway.

International students should research into what courses are available in Canada and seriously contemplate studying in cities like Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Toronto. While there they can sample life in the second largest country in the world, and explore the similarities and the differences between Canada and the US. Canada has a really high standard of living yet the cost of studying there is surprisingly low, which one of the reasons why it has become a popular destination for international students.

International students generally need a student visa to study in Canada (except US nationals), and some students can study on a scholarship or a bursary. The country provides many exciting research possibilities, plus the chance of work and immigrating there on a lifetime basis.

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