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Nursing courses can offer students the opportunity to have a long and successful career, home or abroad. For Indian students considering applying for places on nursing abroad programs we offer advice on the best ways to gain a place. We run an Overseas Education Consultants firm in India that makes it simpler for students to study nursing or any other subject abroad.

We assist students to get places on nursing courses in other countries so that they can further their careers and increase their earning potential compared to staying in India. Students that are considering this option should contact us as we have years of experience in assisting people in gaining place on nursing courses abroad with no complications or problems.

We will help students find the best nursing course for them to study on, and look into the most viable options in terms of the quality of qualifications offered, how much funding is available, and the career prospects in different countries after the course has been passed. Using our expertise to arrange everything before they go to study abroad saves a lot of effort and worry for the nursing students who consult us.

We sort out all the paperwork and the red tape so that all the students have to concentrate on is passing their course and getting on with their nursing careers. We advise the students on the best course to go on and then take care of their applications to colleges and universities abroad.

Contact us and we arrange for all visa applications and work permits prior to students leaving India. Work permits may be required depending on how the college or university arrange hospital placements whilst students are on their courses.

We look into the availability of bursaries and scholarships linked to nursing courses. We advise customers of the best offers for such funding. Some health services abroad such as the NHS in the UK can offer really generous bursaries for students that go on specific nursing courses. These courses are definitely worth getting a place on, and most students are content to work in the specific health service with a minimum period of time.

Our full range of services include arranging accommodation, loans, and providing assistance once students are studying abroad. Contact us if you considering studying nursing abroad.

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