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Study Abroad in Germany

Germany is the home of some fine universities that provide their students with a great education and graduates with greater career opportunities. Germany has some of the oldest universities in Europe, that over the centuries have produced some notable graduates. The Germans pride themselves on the very high standards of their education system as a whole, so it is no surprise that German universities promote academic and technical excellence among their graduates. The top universities in Germany have been keen to allow suitably qualified foreign and international students studied with them for a few decades now. Besides students for a whole degree in Germany, the German universities have been keen on taking part in the ERASMUS student exchange program. The ERASMUS program allows students at EU universities to go on exchanges to other universities in the scheme for six to twelve months.

The German universities have been historically strong performers in terms of degree results, and how well their graduates have gone after they left university. The country has some universities that have a long tradition over several centuries of producing some of the best qualified and gifted graduates in the whole of Europe. Universities in that category include Aachen, Berlin, Bonn, Madeberg, and Leipzig. Even when the universities like Leipzig were part of communist East Germany they still had high academic standards, some of the best universities in what used to be the Warsaw Pact countries. Germany has universities in the majority of it’s towns and cities, so there is plenty of places that foreign students can apply to study at. It is marginally easier for students from other EU states to get places at German universities as they will not study visas, though they should have their passports or national identity cards available at all times.

Although most Germans speak English, and / or French all foreign students that wish to study in Germany need to have a high level of German to have the chance of graduating with a good degree result. In any case German universities will want international students to prove that their knowledge of German is good enough to understand lectures and reading materials in order to obtain a good pass mark. As with other countries the best universities in Germany will require students have achieved certain grades before they are granted a place on the course.

Studying in Germany should also improve the standard of the German spoken and written by foreign students, as it should do because they are using the German language all of the time. Those students that study in Germany have a great opportunity to learn about the country’s culture, it’s history, and it’s sports. The Germans are proud of their sporting achievements, their food, as well as their beers and wines. For students who like to travel Germany is a great country to study in. To begin with there are some really interesting places to visit in Germany itself such as Aachen, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Trier. Then given it’s central location in Europe it can used as a base to visit other countries from.

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