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Study Abroad in Sweden

Sweden has universities with fine reputation across the world, and has a great academic track record. There are understandable reasons and motives to apply to study in Sweden for international students. The universities of Sweden are enthusiastic as a whole about having foreign students join their courses and then graduate with a degree at a top grade. The academic achievements of Swedish universities over the years ensure that any students that graduate with a decent or great degree result will have strong prospects for a promising career in their chosen field after they have graduated.

The oldest universities in Sweden can be traced back to the later stages of the Middle Ages, and these sought academic excellence from the beginning. These universities had close links to the Swedish royal family, and royal patronage was important for their development. At one point Sweden was an important power in the international system, despite an unfavorable climate and a small population. Swedish universities were an element of the country’s power status. Students were directed towards subjects that increased military capabilities as much as academic ability. With the decline of Swedish power, the country’s universities turned towards scientific and industrial research. Such research continues to the present day and is a prime reason for international students applying to study in Sweden. The country has world-class research facilities at it’s universities, which allow students the opportunity to excel in their studies.

Sweden is a country that has world class universities despite the relatively small population of well-educated citizens. Swedish universities have been admitting international students for many decades as a means of sharing their expertise with other countries and to increase their income. The top universities in the country are committed to help gifted foreign students an excellent higher education and have scholarships available for students that match their criteria. Compared to many other European countries it costs less to study in Sweden. For students from other EU member countries there are no course fees they have to pay. Although Sweden has just started to charge Non-EU nationals course fees these are much lower than the fees charged by American or British universities.

It is unlikely that the introduction of course fees will put too many Non-EU students off from applying to study at the best Swedish universities. Demand for places should remain high as the courses are academically excellent and provide great value for money for those students who do have to pay fees. Those students that qualify for bursaries and scholarships would not have to worry about fees, whilst loans are available for the remaining students.

International students that have studied in Sweden tend to recommend that people should follow their example and study at Swedish universities. They will find that Sweden is a progressive and tolerant country with generous health and welfare provisions that welcomes foreign students warmly. Students can finish off their education or gain additional qualifications during their time in Sweden. The country is home to some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Europe.

Further more it’s modern and advanced will provide a top class education as well as introducing students to some fascinating cities like Stockholm and Malmo. International students looking for a low cost yet excellent university education should seriously consider Sweden as the place to go to.

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