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Creative Arts and Design

Choosing a course of study and then deciding where you would like to gain your qualifications is crucial as it will impact on your future employment and life opportunities. If you have decided to study creative arts and design, you might want to consider studying abroad as there are many advantages to taking this educational route.

Why Choose Creative Arts & Design Courses

Creative arts & design covers a vast range of different subjects. Just some of these may include fashion, textiles, photography, fine art, pottery, crafts, graphic design and much more. This means you can choose whether to study the broad subject or to specialise in one particular area. People with qualifications relating to art and design are wanted in many different industries, from the fashion industry to furniture manufacturers. It is a qualification that can potentially equip you with the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications to work in a personally and financially rewarding career doing things you enjoy.

A Wider Choice of Courses

Creative arts and design is a vast area of study with many specialisms within this field. When searching for courses locally, you may find that your options are limited and there is not a course that focuses on the particular area you are interested in studying. If you look for creative arts and design programs abroad, you might find that there are more options available to you and you can study topics you enjoy. In turn, this means you will increase the likelihood of entering a career that interests you in the future.

Learning a Second Language

If your chosen study location is in a country where the mother tongue is different to your own, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new language. Many companies now operate on a global scale in modern business and larger businesses are often looking for employees who have the ability to communicate with potential clients in a second language. This applies to many design industries and manufacturers who hire designers as their products are often sold internationally. Therefore, having a second language can give you the edge over other candidates applying for the same position.

Cultural Experiences

Art and design are often influenced by different cultures and lifestyles. When you study your course abroad, you will gain experience of different cultures and this can help you to understand how they have influenced different areas of art and design, both today and in the past. Similarly, it can give you inspiration for your own creative work, both while you are studying your course and when you are in employment.

The Social Life

While studying and gaining qualifications are the most important factors of education, your choice of courses will impact on wider aspects of your life and this includes your social life. Choosing a course abroad will introduce you to a more diverse group of people than you may meet studying close to home. You may make lifelong friends with interesting people who have a wide range of life experiences but share your love of creative arts & design. Your options for ways to spend your leisure time may also be different and will play an important role in your overall experience of studying abroad.

Added Appeal for Future Employers

When potential employers read your application form or CV, they will be interested to read that you have experience of living in another country as it is an indicator of personal traits that are appealing to employers. For example, studying abroad is often an indication that you are motivated, dedicated, willing to face new challenges and that you aspire to reach your full potential. Those who have studied arts and design courses abroad may also appeal to them as they can use their experience as inspiration.

Opting to study creative arts and design abroad has many advantages and can open up new possibilities for you in the future. These are just some of the benefits you will find if you are brave enough to take the plunge and choose a creative arts and design program abroad.

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