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Travelling abroad you will experience a melting pot of flavours, customs and entertainment venues. Those who train for the hospitality management field abroad find they can work anywhere in the world. For example, a New York City and Madrid have some of the best hotel management programs featuring internships at five-star hotels and small, boutique hotels that are hideouts for the rich and famous when they travel.

Or go to Los Angeles or Dubai and learn how the star service industry works. The weather and energy of these locales makes them prime vacation destination spots as well as year-round residents for powerful people who want the best service.

Monte Caro and Las Vegas are known as gambling and live entertainment capitals of the world, a center hub for glamorous hotels and gourmet restaurants. Scoring an internship at one of these five-star hotels starts your CV off right, with stellar experience behind you.

Some hospitality management programs lead to an advanced degree, and some are vocational programs that can be completed in as little as one year full-time or two years part-time. A part-time program works well for those who need to keep a paying job while going to school; however, going to school full time gives the student the luxury of focusing on their school program. The best of both worlds is to have a paying job in the hospitality business while attending school. Many junior colleges offer certificate programs where you can pick and choose the hospitality courses that you need to get a position or advance in your current job.

Hospitality management courses allow you to specialize in hotel management, where you will learn about reservation systems, staffing, security, and maintenance. To properly manage a hotel, having a solid background of the latest computer software programs.

With so much to learn in the field of hospitality, studying abroad gives you a unique perspective on the tourism trade, whether you are an American looking to study in Europe or vice versa.Today’s employers are looking for candidates with an education, and related experience. A good hospitality management program will give you both. Hospitality is a career that cannot be outsourced, as direct service will never be fully automated. Why be just a hotel worker when you can be a manager? The sky is the limit for those with an adventurous spirit who choose to study abroad.

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