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Top student destinations in Europe

In past few decades, it has been noticed, a rapid evolution of “human race” travelling across the globe for work and studies. Recently it has reported, according the statistics of “University of California” that approximately 84% of the students across the globe pursue their higher education aboard, and the survey says, that this makes the student more efficient to expand their knowledge and makes them more innovative, because each country has its own educational cultures, inventions and diversities.

In recent years, European countries has been one of the most attracting destination for education and career, its diverse, sui generis cultures and land blessed exorbitantly with famous historic scientists and inventions, have enormously allured students across the planet to unite in this continent. Hence, according to the Eurostat statistics, on December 2015 revealed that 60.7% of international student enroll for various courses in the EU (European union) countries.

But in this gigantic continent its seems quite difficult for student/aspirants to select which country to opt for, unlike US, and Australia (since it has a uniform education pattern, language, and ethnicity). Albeit overall Europe has a more or less same education system, but there are few peculiar places which is the “most wanted” destination for higher studies.

Therefore, I present the list of top 12 best countries most preferred for higher education;

1. Germany (land of ideas and innovations) – this country was quite well expected to top the list. The powerful country in Europe and 3 rd most in the world. Is no way behind in terms of education. Land of most reputated education, researches and invention have always been a dream land for students to study and work. Germany’s higher education system has something for everyone! There are almost 450 state-accredited universities with some 17,500 degree programmes in Germany. German universities offer degree programmes in every possible subject and academic level be it bachelor’s, master’s, state examinations or doctoral degrees. General universities focus strongly on scientifically oriented study in a wide range of disciplines. Universities of applied science, on the other hand, are very practice-oriented. If you’re more interested in artistic subjects, you can enroll at a college of art, film or music. Some of top ranked universities are LMU Munich (ranks 29 th in the world), Heidelberg university (ranks 30th in the world), Humboldt university of berlin (ranks 49 th in the world).

if you are in Germany then you are not alone because approximately 45-50% of the students in universities are foreign students, so this ends our isolation. Another advantage is the no tuition fees/to very low tuition fees policy in German universities, availability of various scholarship like DAAD (for international student), many English based courses, further enhances the students to study more and as desired. Apart from the above, the good culture, historic architecture, good food and beer, friendly people and most safe country adds on in favour to this country. If one wants to get a bonus out of all this then, as a foreigner, if one can learn German, then endless path will open to live, learn and achieve.

2. France- Famed for its rich history, beautiful sights and sophisticated way of life, France is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Thousands of international students’ flock here each year in search of & ;la belle vie &; (the beautiful way of life) one on the best reason which acts positive to this country is– the language “French”, which more or less sounds like English and could be easily understood in a few attempts.  Some of the main points which make France most wanted in every international students’ list are — its high academic reputation, the French are passionate about higher education and invest heavily in research, meaning its universities consistently perform well in global university rankings. The QS World University Rankings feature 41 French universities and the nation & top two institutions, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and Ecole Polytechnique Paris Tech are world famous, ranking 23rd and 40th respectively. French business schools in particular have gained a reputation worldwide for quality education and a competitive outlook. French institutions are also highly regarded in humanities and arts subjects. The other reason which makes its comfortable are its rich culture and hard core passion for art & music. If one aspires to develop their career in art/music then, France is calling…

3. Italy- Italy, ranked 13th  in the System Strength Rankings. Known for its rich history in general, Italy is also home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, with 26 representatives in the QS World University Rankings, of which Politecnico di Milano ranks the highest at 187th . International students who choose Italy as their study destination will get to enjoy a rich cultural experience of both the old and new, with a vibrant social life, picturesque cities and landscapes, as well as a fascinating heritage. This is a country which excels in inventions, innovations and creativity, not to mention fantastic cuisine (500 different kinds of pasta’s and 100 different kinds of pizza’s).

4. Switzerland- the name of this land just makes anyone fall in love, so blessed with nature, exotic beauty, the charming Alpes and many more. The countries also have one of the best education system, to be more specific one of the strict education system, according to the student rating Switzerland was rated 8.9/10 for its international student education. Situated in between Europe’s diverse countries like Germany, France, Italy, so it has an inborn diversity in it, with regards to language and culture. Though English is not its official but since it’s a hot tourist spot and home to many UN department, it has many English people localities. Speaking of business programs, as a European business hub Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best business minds particularly in the fields of hospitality, banking, pharmaceuticals and chemicals making it a premiere place to learn and work. The country is committed to investing in both education and research; for this reason, many multinational corporations are headquartered here. Some best universities are ETH Zurich, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), University of Bern. One can see this as a problem, is the high standard of living and expenses and very difficult to survive without any good source of income.

5. Sweden- another  Scandinavian country, which holds a top 3 position in GDP among the northern Europe countries. It also occupied 2 nd position in May 2014, for having best educational system in the world after USA. This country is the home of technology, some renowned ones are Skype, Spotify. Sweden is very popular for its social welfare, education and gender equality, the equality is so much among the people, that a student has the complete liberty to address their teacher’s and professors with their respective names, sounds strange, right? But the student believes that this way they feel more comfortable to discuss subjects with their professors. The universities encourage more of practical knowledge than theoretical; thus, it focusses more on researches, lab work than reading from the text, at same time one can study and practice at their flexible time, the universities provide the “learning space” for students. To add on, one advantage to live as student in Sweden is the part time working hours- unlike the other European countries, Sweden does not have any restriction on the working hours, but yes, Swedish language is a must.

6. Spain- the country famous for its “la Tomatina” and” bull running” festivals, have also been in top 16 list in the world best educational system. The country with its spellbound beauty and warm nature have always been in priority for foreign student. 36% of the total students in the various universities in Spain are international student. With low tuition fees, affordable cost of living, friendly localities and an English-speaking environment always makes the foreign students feel like home. Apart from the best education Spain has always encouraged sport and art. Frequent football matches within and across universities have assured to create a competitive spirit among students. If one wants a complete package of education+sport+fun, then Spain is waiting for you.

7. Austria- the cultural capital and home to 9 UNESCO world heritage sites, has also been one of the chosen destinations for studying. Austria is very famous for its courses in art (academy of fine art, Prague), music and science (Vienna university of technology). With low fees and not mandatory requirement to know German language, have been allured students and tourist to survive and enjoy this country easily to its core.

8. Czech Republic- located at the heart of Europe, Czech Republic is a diverse country in the central Europe, with an historic influence of German, Slavonic, Jewish communities. Each year it allures approximately 42,000 students across the globe with its attractive courses and free education. About 60 universities in Czech offers interesting courses on topics which cannot be availed in other countries like UK & US. The other advantage in this country is its low cost of living, good number of English speaking population and academic diversity.

9. Poland- located in the central Europe. Poland is ranked 43 rd in the system strength rankings. It has some most famous universities like University of Warsaw (ranks 344 th in the world), Poznań university of economics and business, Universidade Jaguelônica. With a strong educational system and various opportunities like, each university having more 450+ courses, scholarships for international students, above all this country is very cheap and affordable (compared to other western European nations) making its place in the priority list of students, especially for people hailing from poor countries.

10. Portugal – located in the southern west part of Europe, captures its place in the top 12 list for international students. The land of immense cultural and historical heritage, is  placed 35th in the System Strength Rankings and is home to a number of prestigious and ancient universities, the highest ranked of which is the University of Porto at 308 th  globally. Universities in Portugal are accompanied by polytechnic institutes, which are more focused on practical and vocational teaching in areas such as nursing and engineering. It is also a home for researches. Thus, in this few years, Portugal has welcomed maximum foreign student for researches and PhD’s. Capital city Lisbon is known for having a tradition for the social sciences and engineering, and is rich in culture, history and character. Portuguese people match the weather with a warm attitude to visitors and they certainly know how to have fun – with vibrant festivals, music, great nightlife, sport and more to make people fall in love with it.

11. Denmark – this Scandinavian country of Europe (one of the happiest country in the world) has currently magnetized many foreign students worldwide. This country of genetically beautiful, intelligent and many English-speaking folks, have one of the best educational system, where there no tuition fees for studies, but the government pays you for your study expenses, health care even the residential expenses (if under the university resident). A country with strong economy and equality (no gaps of rich and poor class) makes it very popular place to visit. The university frequently arranges travel tour/marketing campaign for students to various countries to learn and explore, student gains a full week tour to places in Denmark and two weeks travel across the borders. One of the awesome good news which as a student one can get is that, if one does not finds a suitable job, then the government helps them to get a job as desired. This one really cool! I guess.

12. Finland – this Nordic nation is placed 19th in the System Strength Rankings and has a comparatively young higher education system. Like many other European countries, Finland offers a mixture of more academically focused universities and vocationally oriented polytechnic institutions. The education system aims at providing more practical knowledge than the traditional ones, thus frequently conducts projects and orientation than written exams. Some of the best university for international student are the University of Helsinki (the oldest university of Finland, 91 st in world ranking), Aalto university, University of Turku. This country is mostly famous for its management/technology sectors(Nokia) and food industries (Helsinki food companies, Fazer, Refresco Finland, etc.). So, if one is interested in exploring more in food industry then Finland is just for you. Study in Finland will give a chance to discover the country’s unique culture and stunning natural beauty, with those snowy hills and the captivating Northern lights. The country boasts a very high quality of life, political stability and happy, friendly citizens.

This list of top destination of student in Europe would be helpfully for every beginner, who is all set to dream to fly in one among these top destination. No matter where we go and what we do, the university might be the base but our hard work, self-confident and our will power to achieve what we dreamt for and never to kill/compromise our dreams in any circumstance is the pillar of our success.

– by Jacklin D Anthony

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