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Top Countries For Indian Students to study MBBS ABroad at Low Cost.

Among many professional courses, Medicine is considered to be one of the most popular career paths across the world including India. The way forward to become a doctor typically starts with gaining an MBBS degree. But getting a medical seat is not that difficult.

If not in India, many countries provide the best MBBS courses at top universities. For students who didn’t score well in the NEET Examination, then Study Abroad is the next option further. There is a common talk around when you hear to take MBBS from abroad countries. But the real fact is studying medicine abroad is comparatively less expensive and has a high ROI.

When it comes to the total expected course fees, many abroad universities prefer taking the students to provide them with high standards in terms of quality of education at cheaper / lesser fees when compared to India.

Few of the abroad countries you can opt for MBBS at low cost are;

      1. China

China is one of the countries that provide MBBS education at a low cost. Among all the abroad countries China is considered to be one of the best choices for studying medicine abroad. The cost may come around INR 20 – 35 Lakhs (for the whole program)

     2. Philippines

After Chins the next country to opt for the MBBS course in the Philippines. The entire course costs 25% lesser than the fees in India. The total course fee of education ranges from INR 25 – 40 Lakhs.

    3. Nepal

Apart from the educational cost, yet another advantage of studying in Nepal is the visa process and immigration processes are faster and easier. The average cost is also less ranging from INR 30 – 45 Lakhs (whole program)

  1. Ukraine

Ukraine has many universities that are affordable for Indian students to complete their UG and PG in medicine. Ukraine has some of the best medical colleges which cost very less. The overall cost comes around INR 20 – 38 Lakhs (whole program)

     6. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a place where you can complete your medicine course with a low budget. It is also considered to be the most cost-friendly place to study medicine.

Cost: INR 17 – 24 Lakhs (whole program)

     7. Russia

The cost of living and educational expenses in Russia is very less compared to other European countries. So choosing Russia will be one of the good decisions for an Indian student with a reasonable budget for the whole program

      8. Poland

Poland has and additional feature when it comes to other countries as it is considered to be the best country concerning education. The course for a better understanding of the subject and practical knowledge with a total cost coming around INR 54 – 72 Lakhs (for 6 years)

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