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How to get Student Visa for Canada in 2020?

Canada is a country that has a good number of top universities for different courses. Yearly Canada welcomes more the 13,000 Indian students to build their carriers from Canada. Provided with the high-quality teaching system, rich in possibilities and different styles of cultures, the majority of the Students from India Choose Canada as their study destination.

Moving on to getting the Canada visa, few procedures should be satisfied;

  1. Choose the right University in Canada: The first step to Study in Canada is to choose the best university that provides the course you are looking for. To help you with choosing the right university, we are always ready to guide you. Connect with the top study abroad consultants in Kochi, Prospers International
  2. Apply for Canadian Student Visa: As soon as you receive the acceptance letter from the selected university, then you are enabled to apply for a Canadian Student Visa which is also known to be a Student permit. Prospera International will help you in all processes which makes you sit back and relax. We will guide you by uploading all the required documents and papers to apply for a visa.
  3. Language Requirement

Since you are from an English speaking country, you will be asked to submit any of the below language test proof;



Cambridge English: Advanced

This is not a major as we will help you to take the above-mentioned test to make you eligible to study in Canada.

  1. Bio-metric Appointment and Interview:

The bio-metrics test should be taken depending upon the criteria set for each country. You may also be called for an individual interview based on your situation.

Once all the above steps are carried out, it may take up to 90 days of processing time.

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