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How to get Admission for MBBS in Top Universities in Germany?

Are you a recently passed out student or a parent searching for the top MBBS universities in Germany? Then you need guidance from the best Study Abroad consultants who can help you make the better decision.

Many countries provide medical course but if you are looking for  Germany there you are right. Compared to other International countries Germany also is one of the top countries that is equipped with a good number of well-reputed MBBS universities with a proven track record.

Choosing Germany for higher studies is good but should be aware of the things you have to take care of before applying. There is a lot of information you probably don’t get as many of the things you need to sit with the consultant who is going to help you or your son/daughter move to the right career.

The top Universities in Germany include;

  • Leipzig University
  • Magdeburg university
  • University of Bonn
  • berlin university
  • RWTHAachen University

Getting admission for medical courses in Germany depends on some criteria;

  1. Recognized Academic Qualifications– You should have the desired qualifications set by the corresponding university to apply for the particular medical course.
  2. Certified Grade Certificates – High grades in subjects related to medicine like biology and chemistry will increase your chances of getting admitted to top German universities.
  3. Scores from examination tests – You need to undergo some aptitude tests set by the corresponding university you have applied for. Scores you gain should reach the minimum marks set by the University.
  4. German Language Proficiency– Some universities may ask for proof of German Language proficiency. But this test is rarely taken and is not considered as a mandatory test.


Having said all the criteria, few more criteria will be explained by your Study abroad Consultant. You can get in touch with us at

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