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Study Medicine at Riga Stradins University, Latvia

Studying abroad can be an opportunity that opens new horizons and enhances the study experience. If you have a desire to see Europe while studying Medicine, Riga Stradins University in Latvia may be the right choice for you.

Medicine Programme at RSU

RigaStradinsUniversity offers a medicine programme that is highly integrated with practice. Studying here you will get a chance to learn from the leading specialists in their field, and have access to the best learning resources. The study programme is full-time, and it consists of 12 semesters throughout 6 years. During this time, you will acquire 360 credit points. Upon finishing the studies, you will receive a Medical Doctor’s degree. All the classes are taught in English.

The programme encourages cooperation among students. There is a lot of group work which makes learning more engaging. In the first two years, students have basic and preclinical subjects, such as theory, anatomy, medical chemistry, physiology.

The third year contains preclinical subject studying, where you will gain a better understanding of various pathological diseases and treatments. In the third year of studying you will also start working with patients and gain a lot of valuable skills working in a real medical environment. Being able to apply your knowledge early helps to attain the best medical skills and facilitates more in-depth learning.

After the first three years of study medical students undertake clinical subjects which prepare them as fully qualified medical doctors by consolidating and applying the knowledge from all years of studying. Apart from mandatory subjects in each year, you will have a wide range of elective courses to choose from.

MBBS students are able to use the most advanced technology while training and during lectures. This cutting-edge equipment has been made accessible to all medical students by the world-class Medical Education Technology Centre at RSU. Examples of such technology include the latest simulator systems and phantoms.

After the degree is completed you can choose to further study medical disciplines in one of Latvia’s great residency programmes, or apply for a doctoral degree.

Why Study in Latvia

The university’s Faculty of Medicine is one of the oldest in this institution, with a long history of preparing the best medical professionals. International students are welcome to apply and get their degree from this prestigious school.

Currently over 1500 international students are studying various degrees at RSU. You will find the university community warm and very eager to provide their students with the best experience.

Choosing to get your MBBS in Europe means you will also have a chance to explore a new culture. Riga is a city with a rich history, beautiful old town, and a great culture scene, which is an important part of student life.

Overall, studying medicine at RSU is a perfect choice if you want to explore the world while also studying a demanding subject. The University’s dedication to innovation and their student’s success makes this one of the top places for getting your MBBS in Europe. Become a highly skilled medical professional while living abroad can be a very rewarding experience, and choosing RSU can help you achieve it.

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