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MBBS in China for Indian students

China is the most preferred destination for Indian students pursuing MBBS courses, thanks to affordable tuition fees and ease with which students get admission. However, it appears many Indian students who go to China don’t equip themselves with sufficient information concerning MBBS courses, eligibility, fee structure and so on. This is mainly due to the fact that sometimes they are misled by educational consultants who may not have a very good understanding of the reality once a student gets there.

Therefore, if you are an Indian national preparing to pursue an MBBS in China, you need to equip yourself with information that is relevant to these courses in China. The following is a breakdown of things you need to be aware of before going to study in China.

MBBS in China eligibility

The Ministry of Education in China frequently releases a list of institutions allowed to enroll foreign students for purposes of taking clinical medical programs. A student is required to complete their course in 6 years, internship included.

The Ministry of Education confirms that any institution that isn’t included in this list is not eligible to enroll foreign students.

The Medical Council of India only issues certificates to students that have completed their courses in institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of education. Only these students are allowed to sit for the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam which is administered by the Medical Council of India (MCI). If a student is approved by the MCI, they can either do their internship in China or back in their country. It should also be noted that some universities are keen on having their students conduct their internship at university-affiliated hospitals.

Information given by agents concerning MBBS in China

Some Indian students travel to China without sufficient financial resources. However, it should be noted that working in China to pay tuition fees and living expenses is currently not possible. Therefore, if you are a student with limited financial support, you should do the following to stay safe from lies spread by unscrupulous agents and their affiliates:

(a) If you have a certain institution in mind, you should probably cross-check what an agent tells you with the information published on that institution’s website.

(b) Make a list of what the agent says and have them sign it. This will ensure that they stand by their word, and are not just taking you for a ride. It helps when there’s a dispute.

MBBS in China fee structure

Although the actual tuition fees will be indicated in the letter of admission to the University, it is always good to anticipate what you might find in that letter.

The maximum you should expect to pay for an MBBS course is $15,000 per year. This applies to high-end academic institutions. At the low spectrum of the market, you should expect your MBBS fee structure to read something like $4,000 per year. That’s the going rate for most institutions in China.

Final word

If you want to get the most out of your efforts to pursue MBBS in China For Indian Students, make sure you have the basic information with you. Sometimes applying for student scholarship is possible. But familiarizing yourself with all the ins and outs of staying in China as a student is the most important thing to do first. That way, you will enjoy your stay in the country.

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