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Study Engineering in Germany at Low / No Tuition Fees

Germany has a long traditional of teaching engineering to the highest possible standards, and that is globally recognized too. The excellence of the teaching means that many international students consider studying engineering and most other subjects at the best universities in Germany. Such is the reputation for academic and technical excellence associated with German universities that students consider the tuition fees that they have to pay as a sound investment for their future career prospects. However there is the possibility that students can study at some of the finest universities in Germany without paying tuition fees. An excellent education for free is an opportunity too good to be missed. Contact us if you are an international student considering studying in Germany.

Our company is an Overseas Education Consultants with a few years of invaluable experience in assisting international students to gain places in German universities. Germany is unique among EU member states in that it offers places on all undergraduate courses free of tuition fees, which can save international students a great deal of money over the course of three or four years studying. That can make studying in Germany considerably less expensive than going to other universities in the remainder of the EU, Canada, or the USA. Given the excellence of the higher education system in Germany it is extraordinary that neither the German government, or German universities charge tuition fees to undergraduates.

Whilst other EU member countries may not charge fees to their own nationals or the nationals from other EU countries they do charge fees to students outside of the EU. Being an international undergraduate in Germany is not entirely free yet without having to pay tuition fees the administration costs that are charged are really low. Depending on, which university students attend in Germany these administration fees are around 150 to 250 Euros (that is around $160 to $270). That is an unbelievably low cost for international students getting to study at some of the best universities in the world.

It is not surprising that Germany is becoming increasingly popular for international students to complete their undergraduate degrees in. Contact us and we will assist international students in applying to study at German universities. We tend to advise students to apply for as many courses as possible due to the high demand for places at universities in Germany. Applying to several universities improves the chances of students getting on to a course before the start of the next academic year.

Aside from assisting international students to apply for places at German universities we look into the arrangement of student visas for nationals of non-EU member states. Students that use our services have no problems in obtaining student visas. We offer a service for acquiring work permits for those students that want to work during the course of their studies, or may be have to have on a work placement during the course of their degree.

We will look into funding issues as well, as students still need to cover living expenses even though they do not have to pay tuition fees. So we look at the availability of the usual funding sources including bursaries, student loans, and scholarships.

Consider us for your other needs such as accommodation, course selection, and arranging work when you are in Germany.

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