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Three Major Factors Of Effective Career Planning

The word is undergoing rapid transformations thereby offering challenges and opportunities to a number of people in their life. Therefore, career planning has become an important aspect to achieving success in the present century.

Career is not just about what you do for a living; in fact, it is about striving to learn and work in order to achieve your desired purpose in life. While living is something that everyone does, learning and working offers a wide variety of choices and options.

You live to learn and work to fulfill your purpose. Planning involves the utilization of your imagination to determine how you want to love, what choices you want to choose to learn and work and which course of action to take. When it comes to career planning, there are three major aspects to consider, no matter what age you are.

Knowing your personality and attributes:

A number of people pick a career path by keeping in mind their financial prospects, without realizing who they are. A person is not just a physical body that needs food to survive. Man is a spiritual being with a soul. The soul is put in a body to live a physical life on earth. Out of three main human dimensions, only the human body is visible. Therefore, many people simply rely on their physical strength and skills to survive on earth. The spirit and soul are not visible.

This is the reason why you only feel or experience their behavioral aspects. In order to carry out proper career planning, there are six major behavioral aspects that you need to know about. These factors may include your skills, values, passion, interests, abilities and personality. Knowing oneself is a lifelong process. You can never be able to know all about your personality as human personality undergoes frequent changes over time.

Determining the World of Work:

To understand who you are, you will have to explore and look deep inside yourself to find out about the treasures and potentialities that exist within your inner environment. However, the opportunities to complete your potentials lie in your external environment or physical setting. The next important factor to consider in career planning would be your work environment, the opportunities to exploit profitably and threats to adapt.

The environment is all about the labor market as well as environmental factors that design and mould the whole economic system. Understanding your personality and traits can help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, exploring your environment will help you know the opportunities and threats in your environment for decisions on what you should do.

Understanding the World of Education:

You may know yourself and know what to do, but you may lack the knowledge, talent, and expertise necessary to accomplish what you wish to as your life work or goal. Understanding the world of education will help you to know what educational options are available to you so that you can maximize your gifts and talents to perform productive work. The purpose of education is not just about getting certificates or degrees in order to land a job. The purpose of education is to take steps to improve upon your body, soul, and spirit for leading a better and fruitful life.

Knowing yourself and the world of work tells you what to do, but learning about the world of education allows you to determine what to study towards the preparation for your work or goal in life.

If these factors are not present, many people tend to pick anything they think will get them money to live a life; and go to school to study anything they believe will get them a degree or certificate. They just want to get a job to fulfill their basic physical needs on earth. They may get frustrated and depressed when their body, soul and spirit are not in agreement with what they do. Such type of people can never achieve job satisfaction and fulfillment in their work or life.

Thus, this post should help you re-evaluate or re-strategize your career success. We wish you all the best in your future career. By implementing these guidelines, you can manage to achieve the success you are looking for.

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