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Part time jobs – Europe : The continent of possibilities

“Nobody in Europe will be abandoned. Nobody in Europe will be excluded. Europe only
succeeds if we work together”Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Stretching across the northern hemisphere and extensively lying down in between Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean, engulfing 44 countries in its arm, conquering the global with its immense invention and discoveries. Europe has always given new dimensions to world. It still tops the checklist among best tourist destination, recently it has been keen on attracting the students and employer in its boundaries.

Recently, the statistics states that 83.8% of international student migrate to Europe for study purpose only. As the title of the article suggests that Europe never failed to provide opportunities and welcoming arms to all those who stepped in its land. This section mostly illustrates on how a candidate can avail various types of part time jobs meanwhile completing their studies.

The most common type of work that are easily taken up are:

Back office at any supermarket/ restaurant – its normally seen that most of the foreign folks are appointed back office works like vessel washing, arranging items, store keeping etc.

Part time receptionist/ BPO – Even though Europe as an entire continent is quit warm and
welcoming still sometime we may find difficulties, mostly communicating-as their native language often acts a barrier. But if you have a good command over your international language “English” it can act as a silver lining for you, since there are various firms/ BPO where they encourage a good English speaker.

Work online – As discussed in the above point that knowing English can be a boon. And if you are streak smart then you can pave the way of income by giving online English classes to candidate who need such classes.

Coffee shop Barista – Café are one of the most popular places of employment to youngsters especially the college goers, as it has work time in various shifts and off-course pays you a decent salary.

On field works – this one is actually very fascinating for one who is in love with nature and gardening. I have often seen people working on various hours shifts in apple/grape/tomato garden as fruit fetchers. Though it might look little weird but it has enough caliber to pay you off your expenses.

Drive in your career as a professional driver – if you are a good driver and certain about the road of Europe, then this one is for you. The minimum you can expect is 15-20 euros per hours, which is definitely a handsome salary.

Support team assistant – If you have a good communication and convincing skills then you have a great chances to excel as a support team in any bank or corporate firms where they need international language speakers.

Ideas are the summation of our intellect and positive way. If you dream high and have a utmost desire to excel in life, there would be endless doors knocking for you, you just need the right key to enter right path.

– by Jacklin M Anthony

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