Travelling abroad you will experience a melting pot of flavours, customs and entertainment venues. Those who train for the hospitality management field abroad find they can work anywhere in the world. For example, a New York City and Madrid have some of the best hotel management programs featuring internships at five-star hotels and small, boutique […]


Nursing courses can offer students the opportunity to have a long and successful career, home or abroad. For Indian students considering applying for places on nursing abroad programs we offer advice on the best ways to gain a place. We run an Overseas Education Consultants firm in India that makes it simpler for students to […]


Engineering is a fantastic, rewarding and varied career with the potential to earn a good salary. There are also opportunities to work in specialist fields of your interest. If this is a career you are considering, then there are many reasons why you should consider engineering study abroad programs. Qualifications and Specialist Fields Studying abroad […]

MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery )

Passing a MBBS degree course will allow the successful students to work as doctors and surgeons after they graduate. The demand for doctors and surgeons is usually consistently strong so gaining this qualification is always desirable for people that want a relatively well-paid career. For Indian students wanting to study MBBS abroad, our company can […]

Master of Business Administration

MBA courses have become very popular over the last twenty years or so, and gaining one will often open the door to greater career opportunities. So with the greater prospects that holding a MBA can offer it is no surprise that ambitious students from India are keen to gain such a qualification. While some Indian […]

Computing & IT

When choosing a course of study, you may want to choose a subject that will provide a wide range of opportunities for you in the future. One such option is to gain qualifications in Computing & IT. While studying these subjects in a local college or university may seem the most convenient option, you may […]

Creative Arts and Design

Choosing a course of study and then deciding where you would like to gain your qualifications is crucial as it will impact on your future employment and life opportunities. If you have decided to study creative arts and design, you might want to consider studying abroad as there are many advantages to taking this educational […]

Business & Management

Studying abroad can be the best option for international students that are interested in completing business and management degree courses. After all gaining a decent degree grade in business and management can allow graduates greater career opportunities. The options for international students can sometimes seem confusing and they could do with some advice about the […]

Study Abroad in New Zealand

Studying abroad has been the most trending thing in the academic world today. Everyone is look for better education, in a better-renowned institution, and defiantly in a new place away from you previous education institution. The few element of life give us the desire to see the world and visit new place, learn new culture […]

Study Abroad in Australia

Australia’s education system is one of the best in the world, which is why it is such a popular choice for international students to come and study here. When prospective employers see that you have studied in Australia, this can give you a competitive edge, as it is considered to be a very innovative and […]