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It is a well-known stereotype that Indians make the best engineers and doctors. However, India’s education system is far from the best. In fact, many smart students in India are always looking for opportunities to study in the west. Top destinations such as the U.S. and U.K. are not easily accessible today as they were in the past. However, other emerging destinations are proving more than competent, and Poland is especially becoming a favorite among international students all over the world.

Here is what Poland holds in store for your education and career, and how you can study in Poland as an international student.

Benefits of Studying in Poland

Over the years Poland has been positioning itself as the ideal destination for international students looking to study in Europe. It boasts of a high-quality education system and welcoming locals. Coupled, these factors offer the following benefits to international students studying in the country.

World-Class Education Programs

Poland boasts of one of the best education systems in Europe and the world as a whole. It is especially impressive when it comes to engineering, medicine, and management programs that most international Indian students focus on. For international students, consequently, studying in Poland increases their competitiveness back at home and across Europe, the U.S., and the world in general.

Affordable Quality Education

Studying abroad is usually an expensive endeavor that many Indian families undertake nevertheless. However, studying in Poland will not only expose you to the best quality education but also save you a lot of money. Studying in the country is relatively affordable compared to other countries in the EU and considering the quality of education.

What’s more, Poland’s courses are recognized globally, so you are guaranteed entry into some of the best opportunities in your career with ease.

A Portal to Working and Living in Europe

As a first-world continent, Europe is seen as one of the best places to study, work, and lead a fulfilling life. Consequently, it is not as easy to get into Europe as many would wish. However, it is easier and almost guaranteed when you are a student studying in one of the member countries.

To start with, studying in Poland will make it easier to get some of the government documents necessary for joining the EU. Additionally, the time spent in Poland will get you acquainted with the people’s way of life, which will be crucial in your integration into EU culture. Finally, holding a degree or other certification documents from Poland will make you eligible to work in the country as well as most other places in the EU.

English Courses

There are also over 400 English courses in many world-ranked institutions in Poland. It is also easy to practice your English skills by interacting with local and other international students. As such, you can easily master the language and boost your negotiating capacity in the international job market.

Your Gateway to Studying in Poland – We Are Specialists

We are a trusted overseas education consultancy that specializes on studying in Poland. Our agents have visited the country and some are stationed there, so we guarantee stability for our clients. What’s more, our services include not only school guidance and enrollment but also helping you get in-sync with the local way of life.

Our services include but are not limited to:

1. University Guidance and Selection

Our team of experienced counselors helps you select the ideal university based on factors such as cost of study and living. We also aid with accommodation arrangements once you are enrolled. These counselors have travelled to these universities in person, and they liaise with their counterparts living in the country to give you informed guidance.

2. Legalization of Documents

Our agents also aid you through the seemingly difficult process of legalizing your documents. These include your education documents from India, visa and other banking documents, medical insurance documents, and international student cards.

3. Currency Exchange

We also help you get your immediate financial needs in order by guiding you on where to exchange currency. We also offer advice on where to shop for essentials such as phones, laptops, and clothes.

4. Convenience Services

Our services to our clients end only when their education programs end. We are always available to meet our clients’ needs on many issues. For instance, we send reminders to our clients about visa extension deadlines, and we also help with getting the extensions. We are also available to answer any immigration related queries that you may have.

We also maintain an open emergency line to offer any sort of assistance immediately it is called for. We are your friend and guardian during your time studying and living in Poland.

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