HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute in Switzerland

Following the motto of “come as a student, become a manager” the HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees. This private educational institute has its campus in Sorenberg, Switzerland and provides courses related to hospitality management.

The institute gets approximately 375 students belonging to over 35 different nationalities each semester, engaging in a variety of programmes.

The Institute also helps students undertake work placements, locally in Switzerland as well as in international spheres to consolidate their academic training. Currently, this institute is organized into five centers:

  • The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management
  • The International hospitality Research Center Switzerland
  • The Center for Career Management
  • The Center for Culinary Management
  • The Center for Events Management Training

Courses and accreditations

HTMi is dedicated to providing the highest quality training, education, and work internships to all their students. Students get Swiss style diplomas for receiving training and education from the Institute, which is followed by a bachelor or MBA degree from the University is having quality reputation for maintaining excellence in degree level education.

All the courses here are taught in English, so they appeal to students belonging from different countries and cultures as well. The Bachelor BSc (Hons) degree is awarded by Ulster University while the MSc degree is awarded by Edinburgh Napier University.

This institute is accredited and recognized as a place for higher education with the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), EduQua, and the British Accreditation Council (BAC). All undergraduate programmes along with MSc are accredited by the Institute of Hospitality.

Benefits of studying in HTMi

The HTMi campus gets students from around 30 to 35 nationalities from around the world. And because students come from different walks of life, the Institute tries their best to accommodate everyone and make the campus feel like their second home.

Following a very family-centered culture, HTMi strives to make sure that the students not only receive good education, but also live a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

Here, students get access to a broad range of sporting facilities including, swimming, tennis, basketball, fitness center, skiing, ping-pong, billiards, snowboarding, etc. And all of these facilities are available either on campus or in nearby locations. There’s even a campus par with sauna and solarium for the students to destress and the detox.

Every student gets access powerful Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout the campus so that they may use it for educational purposes. Fun time never ends at HTMi because the Institute organises many student events such as party nights, Mr. and Miss HTMi, cultural evenings, and a lot more than you can imagine.


Fancy a quick weekend getaway? No worries because students can take a weekend trip to places like Bern, Luzern, Geneva, and Zurich for travel and exploration, or for shopping and entertainment. The Institute also organizes student trips to other world famous chocolate, cheese, and wine producer factories.

You’re never far away from getting a breath of fresh air when you’re in the HTMi campus because the Soerenberg area itself offers many natural vistas. A great portion of the attractiveness of this institute is the idea of playing while you learn and learning while you play. And you have to come here to see how remarkable it is.

Facilities available

The bedrooms of HTMi are usually twin sharing and have been developed to meet the high Swiss hotel standard, staying true to some traditional Swiss aspects. In the year 2016, the Institute completed a major project to provide even better accommodation facilities to students.

From comfortable beds to wireless Internet, from central heating system to televisions with channels in multiple languages, there is no shortage of comfort to be found here. Some of the important facilities that the students have access to are the following:

  • 24/7 access to laundry rooms made exclusively for students
  • Throughout the campus wireless Internet service
  • Limited parking slots
  • Weekly accommodation linen exchange
  • Student lounge and nightclub
  • Sports and fitness center
  • Career and event Center
  • Meeting rooms

Nearby facilities include supermarket, bank, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

World-class education for everyone

It is HTMi’s mission to be a leading provider of quality hospitality management education and be among the leading hotel management institutes of the world. Getting education from here can help students develop lifelong careers in the services sector and make the world a better place.

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