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Switzerland, A Must Go Place For Budding Chefs

Food plays a major role in impacting people’s social and cultural lives. Switzerland is well known for the cuisines it produces with a particular major interest in cheese and chocolate. The traditional Swiss cuisines are known to be very rich in flavors and chefs who study in Switzerland learn how to balance the right flavors. In the modern food industry, this is an indispensable skill.

A reputable chef is highly regarded and is in demand to provide the services all around the world. Training and practicing culinary arts in Switzerland gives one a competitive edge in the very competitive sector.The following are some of the reasons why Switzerland is the best place to train as a chef.

Strategic Location

Switzerland is strategically located with the crossing point of different cultures and cuisines. Germany, France and Italy highly influence the Swiss cuisines. This factor makes Swiss the most suitable environment to gain and practice the culinary arts.

For instance, where Switzerland borders Italy in the southern Swiss Alps in the Ticino Canto, people tend to enjoy natural flavors and dishes that are inspired by the northern Italian cuisines. Other parts of Switzerland tend to imitate the cuisines of the neighboring countries such as France and Germany.

Therefore, Switzerland is the hub of diversity about cuisines. This is a suitable environment for the sharpening of the culinary arts.

The Hub Of Culinary Knowledge

Most of the profound chefs, restaurant critics are authors of many recipes have traced their roots of training in Switzerland. The Swiss culinary arts credentials are considered as a pass-ticket in the world of cuisines.

Switzerland is well known for its first class service combined with the international cuisines. Switzerland courses in culinary arts, ensures students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, which are essential for either beginners or experts in the pursuit of sharpening their skills.

Some of the courses offered include food safety, sanitary science, kitchen management, the practice of classic culinary arts and the culinary skills required in catering services.
Students are trained in modern kitchens where students gain knowledge, develop skills and enroll for a six-month internship in the best restaurants in Switzerland. Most of the famous chefs, including the Italian Chef Marchesi, Sergio Schoener, and Michelin have had their training in Switzerland.

The Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland is the leading educational institution in the industry. Switzerland offers the best there is in training, impacting knowledge and proper practice of the profession.

Frequent Holidays And Events

Switzerland has a very rich cultural background that they safeguard. Religious festivals, national holidays, historical events, are all celebrated in one way or another. The festivals are magical, energetic and an expression of eccentric traditions and customs.

Eating and drinking are the most fundamental part of any form of celebration. This notion is favorable for chefs in Switzerland, since, they prepare food for the attendance of the celebration. This gives them an experience of high-pressure cooking when they have a large number of people to feed.

Vibrant Tourism Sector

Switzerland is a thrill travel destination. Ski resorts are abundant and easily available to offer tourist the best accommodation and food. Switzerland cuisines are well known across the world. People travel to experience the famous cuisines that are either enjoying raw or with a traditional Swiss touch.

Many people travel to Switzerland on vacations, holidays especially in the western parts of Europe. Swiss delicacies are known for the unusual combination of cheese, meat, and potatoes that give a tantalizing taste in the mouth.

With the high level of tourism in the country, chefs get to prepare the best of the Swiss cuisine to be enjoyed by the tourists.

The most popular cuisines order by tourist are sauces that are made to supplement vegetables and desserts. Tourists enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, especially due to the influence of French, German, and Italy.

This blend of cultures brings out the explicit taste of the Swiss cuisines. The masterful local chef is known to create new ways of presenting traditional food and have gained international recognition of the edible food artwork.

World Renowned Confectioners

Chocolate confectionery is critical to the Swiss culinary. There is a high demand for quality chocolate with major brands such as Lindt, Cailler, and Migros.

Chefs that specialize in this confectionery art are expected to be in demand due to the increase in high volume and the positive influence of the media. No chef who dabbles in confectionery can claim to be a master without studying in Switzerland.

Hotels and restaurants

Switzerland boasts of having both fancy restaurants and charming traditional hotels and cafes that serving tasty Swiss cuisines. Geneva boost of having the most polar international restaurants that offer practice of the Swiss culinary culture.

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Most of the fancy establishments do not operate on tight budgets, but, they offer the most fantastic services. Besides the restaurant offering a sophisticated gourmet experience, they offer chef with skills a source of employment.

Foods served at these restaurants ranges from the traditional fondue, Malakoff’s, salads to more complicated dishes. Fine dining is very popular in Switzerland with the concentration of Michelin stars. For the chefs and the culinary arts students in Switzerland, it is an employment and educational opportunity respectively.

Vibrant Business Sector

Switzerland offers a major gateway to the popular European countries such as Italy, Germany, and France. This connection has led to the social, economic development of business hubs such as Geneva, Berne, and Zurich.

These places have developed major business and banking centers that have gained the attention of corporate travelers. This means that chefs in this region have the ability to set up the state of the art culinary schools, hotels, cafes and restaurants to meet this demand.

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